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DRABBLE DAY: Gideon reacts to Andy's engagement to Ted

Gideon looked in the mirror, and ruffled his hair again, trying to look casual, or at least, as casual as one could in a situation like tonight.  This was it.  The night he’d finally tell Andy he loved her.  He’d been waiting for this night since fifth year, and now, thanks to Fabian’s insistance, it was finally here.

It was his last year at Hogwarts, and he and Fabian had gone home for Christmas Break.  A couple days ago, his family had received an invitation from Ted Tonks to visit his house for dinner.  Gideon refused to think of it as Andy’s house as well.  After all, the only reason she was living there was because she couldn’t go to the Blacks, and she was just waiting to move in with Marlene again.  Once he told her how he felt, she’s be sure to move in with him.  Fay could find his own place, after all.

Gideon glanced down at his outfit- a clean blue shirt and brown trousers, with nice leather shoes- and nodded firmly.  This was it.


Gid, Fabian, Molly, and their parents arrived at the Tonks Cottage at a quarter past seven.  They were fifteen minutes late because Molly was supposed to meet them at home, but she and Arthur had apparently gotten ‘distracted’.  Then they’d been even more late because Mrs. Prewett had decided it was necessary to give Molly another talk.

Gideon knocked at the door confidently, a nervous smile tugging at his lips.  A second later, the door swung open to reveal a grinning Ted.  ”Hey, come on in!”  Gideon smiled at him, albeit a little hesitantly, before walking into the living room.  It was a nice place.  Very clean and orderly.  No doubt Andy had spent an hour tidying everything for the company.  Gideon scowled when he saw a magical picture of Ted and Andy holding hands by the Black Lake, but it quickly vanished when Andy walked in from the kitchen.

“Hello!”  She exclaimed happily.  ”Molly, I haven’t seen you in ages.”  She embraced Molly before turning to the twins.  ”Fabian, Gideon.”  She smirked at them, and Gideon smiled when he realized that she could still tell them apart.  She was probably the only person who ever could, though nobody understood why.  ”Andy.”  He replied back, reflecting her professional tone.  The three of them looked at each other, before laughing, and Andromeda went to greet their parents.  Gideon and Fabian slipped into the empty kitchen and grabbed a few blueberries from a desert tray.

“You really gonna do this?”  Fay whispered, and Gid nodded confidently.  Fabian grinned, and clapped him on the shoulder.  ”Good.  It’s about time.  No backing out, alright?”

They had a lovely meal of lasagne and vegetables that Ted had cooked earlier that night.  Gideon was sitting across from Andy, and he made sure to wink at her whenever he said something particularly clever.  He could hear Fabian beside him cracking up, but he kicked him under the table and he shut up.

Finally, dinner was over, and Gideon found his opportunity as Andy got up to collect everyone’s dishes.  ”I’ll help you!”  He exclaimed happily, and ignoring her wary glance, he helped bring everything to the kitchen.  They sat them down in the sink, and as Andy turned to leave, he grabbed her wrist gently.  ”Wait…” he started, suddenly nervous, “Could I talk to you about something?”  He ruffled his hair again, silently wondering why he had suddenly lost his charm in the blink of an eye.

“Sure, Gid.”  Andy said curiously, turning back to him.  He was silent for a second, trying to find words.  Andy didn’t say anything, just stood there, looking as beautiful as ever.  Gideon was glad for her silence, because he really didn’t know what he would do if she interrupted him.

“Look, Andy, I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while… two years, actually, and I promised Fabian I’d do it tonight…”

“Hey, Andy, are we doing dessert now?”  Ted interrupted, popping his head in happily.  He smiled at Andy, and Gideon wished that he could smile at her like that and not be hated for eternity.  Andy looked away from Gid and smiled at her boyfriend.  ”Oh, yeah, right.”  She said, and turned back to the twin.  “Help me with the plates?”  She asked, pointing at the desert trays.  Gid nodded and picked one up.  He tried to shake it off.  He’d get his chance after dessert.

Fabian glanced at Gideon as he walked back out, and he shook his head quickly, causing Fay to frown in disappointment.  Through dessert, Gideon felt like throwing something.  Ted kept grinning foolishly at Andy, and even kissed her cheek at one point.  Finally, dessert was over as well, and Gid was tempted to jump up and drag Andy to the kitchen again, but Ted spoke first.  ”Alright, so, before you get up, Andy and I actually have an announcement to make.”  Gideon felt his heart stop.  Maybe they’re breaking up, he thought desperately, but then Ted spoke again.  ”I decided that I can’t live without her, and, for some reason, she must feel the same, because we’re going to be married!”  Ted finished it, looking happier than Gid had ever seen him.  He didn’t blame him.

Gideon’s eyes searched for Andy’s, and he wasn’t surprised to see her looking back at him, though he wasn’t sure why.  He could hear his family’s shouts of congratulations, and he could feel Fabian’s hand on his shoulder, but all he could think of was Andy.  Why tonight, of all nights.

He stared at Andy for a second, before Fabian squeezed his shoulder, and he snapped out of it.  ”Wow, just… congratulations you guys!”  He exclaimed, hoping nobody heard his voice break in the middle.  Of course, Fay heard it, and cast his a worried look, which he promptly ignored.  Gideon hugged Ted half-heartedly before turning to Andy, who looked strangely anxious.  He smiled at her bravely before hugging her gently.  ”I’m glad you’re happy,” he whispered in her ear as they embraced.

Gideon was able to stay silent for the most part of the next conversation. As they were saying their goodbyes, Andy pulled him over.  ”You were going to tell me something earlier… what was it?”

Gideon let out a deep breath.  He could say it.  He could just speak the three words that it took to make her understand, and it wouldn’t have to be a secret anymore.  He could still make it change.  ”I was going to tell you… I… was the one who hexed your quill the day of your Transfiguration OWLS.”  He stammered nervously.  She cast him a disbelieving look, but he quickly muttered a goodbye and ran out the door.

As soon as they got home, Gideon threw up in the toilet twice, as Fabian sat back and watched him quietly.  He fell asleep in Fay’s bed, too upset to say a word.

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